Monday, 22 August 2016

The one line Introduction

So this is my first blog! Finally!
I guess I should start with a few words introducing myself. So here it goes….

I am a believing Christian, a witness to Christ while pursuing engineering.

So it’s out there in open now. I am one of “those” people! We people get termed as the “Jesus Freaks” or the so called “religious” people.  I don’t take offence if somebody calls me Jesus freak but I don’t like being called religious. You would think aren’t these two the same! Alas, if people knew believing in Lord Jesus Christ and being Religious are two mutually exclusive concepts! (Remember your high school mathematics! Mutually exclusive: If A & B are mutually exclusive, it means that if A occurs then B doesn’t and vice-versa)

 How you may ask; let’s dig a little deeper…..

What did Jesus do on the cross of Calvary? He sacrificed himself taking the whole sin of mankind on Him. Though He Himself knew no sin yet He had to die the death of a sinner. But it didn’t end there. He was resurrected and because He died for our sake, now devil holds no power over us, on those who believe in His great sacrifice.

So you get the gist right! What Jesus did on the cross was so great that even today when we believe in Him we get the gift of eternal life. To have eternal life is to be reunited with God and be in an up close and personal relationship with Him just as you would have with your father. Now we never look at God in that way. We think He is somewhere far away may be throwing curve balls at you when you least expect. But in reality God is seeking people to have a relationship with because He really does love us.

But being religious is about trying to do everything in our might to you know somehow get in the good books of that far away God so that He will give us good things and may be forgive us for the wrongs we have done. To be religious is difficult because you have this whole burden of trying to make God like us through all our good deeds, going to church, charity etc. Reminds me of how engineering students try to reason with their impassive professors so that they won’t fail them for they missed out on the minimum attendance rule. But in the end all is in vain because one can’t do it on his own. You are bound to do something wrong and you can’t undo that. In this kind of process one has to live every second of life in a perfect way to have a clean track record just so as to become eligible to be near God. Impossible right!

But when you believe in Jesus you don’t need to do all the above painstaking things to gain favour because Jesus has already done all that that needs to be done. Rather now you do that of your own accord not for the rewards but because it is the right thing to do as believers and as people who love God. Like won’t you love somebody who actually died for you? And even when you go wrong occasionally you know that God still loves you and forgives you when you repent.

So yes I am a follower of Christ and that’s my one-line introduction.


  1. Praise God Kaushik for being a bold witness for your faith in Jesus Christ for He is the only Way Truth and Life.