Monday, 26 September 2016

Woman- An Object or a Subject?

                Newspapers today are filled with stories of violence, hatred and intolerance especially towards the female sex. Almost every other day I read news that makes me cringe and makes me wonder how corrupted the world has become. I mean what else would you feel when you read about an 11 month old baby being kidnapped and raped for two hours and then left to die. Now the society will tell that it’s not his fault. May be the guy ate too much chowmein and was forced to rape an infant! I blame China for it, why do you have to put so much MSG in your products, causing such hormonal imbalances! (ATTENTION PhD SCHOLARS: There’s a research topic for your thesis. Guaranteed results, just don’t forget to acknowledge the Khap panchayat for it). I suppose now we should marry our daughters straight out of their mother’s womb because of course young girls **( read infants)** are vulnerable to rapes.  Or maybe she was wearing skimpy clothes. The infant should have known better than to lie around in such a provocative way.

Other day I read about a girl who was murdered by her jilted lover in Jaipur. I mean what right she had to break up with him. Didn’t she know that she didn’t have any say in her life? First wrong she did was getting in a relationship and then second she did was to dump the guy. Girls should know their position in this society. We are just here to be used by our male counterparts and any ambition or dream we might have for our lives must be nipped in the bud before it gives any of us even a small hope for a better future.

Now I believe most will understand my sarcasm in the previous two paragraphs. Those who don’t please get yourselves tested because you lack brains and not just basic social empathy.

You know what the problem is? The problem is how we see or perceive women. I came across this video by Jefferson Bethke where he mentioned this study on how people both men and women look at a woman’s body. It was observed that basically when we look at a woman’s body we process it using “local processing” and when we see a man’s body, we use what is called a “global processing”. This is much like when you see a big house, under the local processing you focus on the door or the other parts of the house while under the global processing you view the house as a whole. So you see the problem is how we objectify women. When God made this earth, He didn’t show any bias. He made both man and woman in his own image. It was only when sin entered in this world through disobedience of Adam and Eve that the perfect world created by God became the imperfect world where we women have to fight for our rights and to get recognition. Many people have this misconception that when God cursed Eve He commanded Adam that he should rule over Eve, rather God was just stating that this is what would happen because of what both of them did. Unless we start seeing people as how God made them we can’t really respect them.

This lack of respect and objectification is seen in our everyday behavior and not just in the lewd comments that women have to face on the streets. It happens everywhere, in schools, colleges, workplace, churches and even our homes. Why do we tell a girl to dress up in a full sleeve salwar suit? Why don’t we tell our sons, our husbands to not look at women with lust, not undress them every time one walks past them? Because believe it or not that’s what happens most of the time. Take it from a person who has been groped in buses and molested by a trusted man in the safety of home. Bible teaches women to dress up modestly because God doesn’t want us to have our self-worth based on the brand of clothes we wear or by the external adorning but He wants us to focus on the imperishable beauty of the quiet and gentle spirit. It’s not so that our men are not tempted! If that were the case no woman in a Burkha would ever have been eve teased or raped.
There are so many references where men are urged to have self-control, not to lust. Why is that so? Not because women are going on about showing off their bodies and using them to entice the innocent men and cause them to sin. It is because humans have become so perverted that we have stopped looking at each other as creation of God but just as commodities which are there to be used and thrown away. It’s the wickedness of man that is to be blamed when a girl gets killed by her so called lover, when a child is robbed of her innocence, when a Nirbhaya is brutally raped and murdered. No length of the skirt can ever be impugned for a man to look at a woman with lechery.

Women are not something to be kept as a show piece in our living rooms to enhance the beauty of the house, but they are the creation of God without whom life in itself has no means of survival. Both man and woman are the perfect images of God. We are not an object so stop treating us like one.

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